martedì 31 maggio 2011

Total white? With caramel accessories!

Hi, sweeties! Love this weather: it's perfect to keep your windows wide open, to take a walk among the fields, to let my hair dry naturally with warm air, to dining on the terrace under the stars and.... to dress up with total white as well!!
If you got any white dress, this is the moment to resume it from your closet! If you don't have it, no problem: you certainly have a few other white garments to match just like the way I did.
The miniskirt and the shirt are both made in linen/cotton fibers: I adore the rumpled look they got and the way  it makes you feel: so relaxed and free. Plus choosing the top and the bottom in the same fabric and shape, you can simulate a dress.
For all day long, I prefer mixing total white with casual style caramel accessories. 
A "precious" and important necklace, finally, pulls up the whole look by eliminating the carelessness effect risk.
Do you like the result?
Last note: under white blouses like this one, use a nude bra, not a white one, please!!! The white one is visible throughout!!!

Salve, dolcezze! Amo questo tempo: è perfetto per tenere le finestre aperte, per fare una camminata in mezzo ai campi, per lasciar asciugare i miei capelli all'aria, per cenare in terrazza sotto le stelle e... per vestire in total white!

lunedì 30 maggio 2011

Soft hippie look

For a walking in the afternoon I chose a soft hippie look. I can't wear bell-bottom pants because I've got too short legs and I don't like the way they look on me, so I chose another type of jeans with used effect. But if you're tall, you certainly look very good with them. They're very trendy as well.
The flowered blouse is a must for an hippie look: so, here it is! I love very much also the wide ones, which let your shoulders naked, but I don't have any yet in my closet. Have you seen some of them very nice with a low price? Where I can find it?
A pair of clogs (or wedges) and a cascade of long necklaces well matched can complete the look in a perfect way. I chose two different necklaces, both long and low-profile in shades of naturals and pink like the blouse.
If you want to add a touch of special appeal, I recommend you a wide brimmed straw hat: it's very cool!!!
PS: what do you think about this way to wear the belt?

Per una camminata di pomeriggio ho scelto un look hippie ma in versione soft.

venerdì 27 maggio 2011

An old fashioned top

How many among you have still got in their closet an old-fashioned top you've not been able to get rid of? One of those too short for actual fashion but very cool a few years ago...
I've got one in a golden lurex tissue, which would let my belly naked (and I'm 28 years old and do got a belly).
I've always kept there, in a corner of my closet, waiting an idea to restyle it. I didn't find it. But I've found the way to use it again: overlapping it on another longer tank top.
Even in these pics I find really delicate this combination of gold and light yellow: what do you think about?

Quante di voi hanno ancora nell'armadio un top demodè da cui non hanno saputo staccarsi, di quelli troppo corti per il gusto di oggi ma che fino a qualche anno fa erano cool?

giovedì 26 maggio 2011

Long flowered dress

Finally it's arrived the season for long and fluttering flowered dresses!!! And finally, I decided to buy one for me too, tempted by price as well (this one is by H&M, 19,90 €).
What can we match it with?
At first, I have to say I used this outfit from the morning (without the necklace) to the evening. For the evening we certainly need something on our shoulders, so here it is the denim jacket (but we can use a light denim shirt, kept open in the front, as I already shown in THIS POST).
The real trouble to me are shoes: although I think flat sandals are perfect for this kind of dress, my height (163 cm) don't allow me to walk without cleaning the ground with the bottom of the dress... So, getting up for 5-6 cm is a must... Excluding jewel-sandals and heels, the only one solution are wedges, in particular the cork ones, that I adore. For who doesn't know, cork wedges were a wonderful invention by a great italian artisan, Salvatore Ferragamo, in Forties, when shortage of raw materials because of the war forced the genius to try out new materials for his shoes.
The only thing I got a doubt on is the snake textured clutch... Would you give me an advice?

E' arrivata finalmente la stagione degli abiti a fiori lunghi e svolazzanti!!! E finalmente mi sono decisa a comprarne uno anch'io, invogliata da un prezzo imbattibile (questo costa 19,90 euro, da H&M).
Con cosa lo abbino?

mercoledì 25 maggio 2011

By popular demand: the leaf charm necklace

Many of you asked me where to find the leaf charm necklace I often wear in my outfits. Well, as I answered in private, this necklace is a gift a friend. She bought it at Accessorize years ago, so I don't think you'll find it there again.
But I did for all of you like my necklace a research on the web, and I've found something similar and good prices. All the items presented are available on their own e-shop, so just click on the links below and you'll find your favourite item!
So, what are you waiting for?? Go shopping!!! :)

Molti di voi mi hanno chiesto dove trovare una collana con ciondolo a foglia simile a quella che indosso spesso nei miei outfit. Beh, come ho risposto in privato, questa collana è un regalo di un'amica. La comprò da Accessorize qualche anno fa, perciò non credo che la troverete ancora.
In compenso, per tutte quelle tra voi che sono rimaste affascinate dalla mia collana, ho fatto una ricerca sul web e ho trovato qualcosa di simile e ottimi prezzi. Tutti gli articoli qui illustrati sono disponibili nei relativi e-shop, perciò vi basterà cliccare su ciascun link per comprare il vostro articolo preferito, senza passare dei pomeriggi interi a cercarlo  di negozio in negozio!
Perciò, cosa state aspettando??? Buon e-shopping a tutte!! :)

Dorothy Perkins Gold engrave leaf pendant

  • Price: £8.50

Forever21 Leaf Charm Necklace


  • Price: £12.50

If you want to complete the set with a pair of earrings....
E per chi di voi volesse completare con un paio di orecchini....

Asos Filigree Feathers Drop Earrings

martedì 24 maggio 2011

Yellow and stripes

This is an outfit I used a few weeks ago. I didn't take pics of this, but I liked it very much, so I wanted to do it now. You may have already seen this combination of black&whit stripes with yellow in other blogs: in fact it's a very trendy matching (do you remember? I posted something about that in this post - CLICK HERE).
Yellow is now booming up magazines, stores and streets and I don't find it hard to believe: I feel so good when I wear it! And what about you?
You miss something yellow in your closet? Take a look at this shopping selection on you may find just what you're looking for!

Questo è un outfit che ho usato qualche settimana fa. Non avevo fatto foto, ma dato che mi piaceva molto, ho voluto farle ora. Potreste aver già visto questa combinazione di righe bianche e nere col giallo su altri blog: in effetti, è un abbinamento molto trendy (vi ricordate? Tempo fa avevo postato qualcosa del genere in questo post - CLICCA QUI).

lunedì 23 maggio 2011

Multicolor pieces look good with golden elements

I've ever got many problms to match right way this skirt, which I owned since years ago. It's such a stunning (to me, of course) and striking skirt, so it's really easy to slip into "too much".
Friday evening, back from Rome, I finally was flashed by the right idea, the perfect fresh and youngish combination for a dinner with friends.
Light yellow tank top I've found at H&M is proving to be extremely versatile and useful for several outfits I will show you soon. And it was perfect also this time, miraculously taking the same shade of yellow of the skirt's stripes! In fact, when we got a multicolor garment like this skirt, the perfect choice is pairing it with something VERY basic which takes just ONE color, the UNLESS STRIKING one as possible (or the lesser extent one). This way we avoid the redundancy effect and we exalt the strongest piece without rendering it excessive.
I chose rose gold for accessories because I think metallized colors as silver and gold give something extra to multicolor outfits, much more that combining them with flat hues, and they take off the itch to find the right hue of yellow or red or blue to pair with we often don't have in our own closet.
I chose blue just for shoes. I was in doubt if wearing the golden ones, but these ones looked good for an informal occasion. In fact, when we dress up we often run the risk being too understated or too high profiled...
This way instead I felt perfectly at ease! What do you think about?

Ho sempre avuto non pochi problemi ad abbinare nel modo giusto questa gonna, che posseggo già da vari anni. E' talmente bella (a mio parere) e importante che è facile cadere nel "troppo".

venerdì 20 maggio 2011

Fringed tee

Hi my sweeties! The weekend is almost arrived!! Aren't you happy??
While you're reading this post I'm just for a day in Rome to sustain a test... Please, pray for me!
Today I want to show you a very simple outfit for everyday. I would to prove we can be not trivial also wearing a white tshirt, a pair of sneakers and a colorful pant.
At my feet, my inseparable new purchase, the real key piece to make any outfit freak: my striped sneakers I bought on I'm very satisfied to have made a so good purchase for its beauty and price!
I'm very satisfied by this tee as well. What do you think about? Do you like it? Would you have one too?
It was made by me! Just using scissors and a textile, not sewing machines, nor threads nor needles... Would you try too?
Follow me next days and I will show you how to do!!
See you soon!!!

Buongiorno dolcezze! Il weekend è quasi arrivato! Non siete felici??

giovedì 19 maggio 2011

Yellow on the beach

Oh, yes, it's still cold to go to sea... but saturday it was sunny and I felt good on the beach, enjoying the silence and my friends, relaxing in the breeze...
So I wore my new H&M bikini (composed by myself- I'm a fan of rematching bikinis) and I didin't forget to bring with me some piece to cover in case of wind.
Here it is! This was my freak outfit! Yellow is the colour this season that influences me the most, together with orange... And I find it perfect with denim and b&w stripes!
Don't you think?
I would like developing better the re-assembling bikinis topic, because I think it's a good way to change often the look on the beach too, without spending too much and purchasing new swimsuits...
Now I'm very busy and tomorrow I will be in Rome as well... So, will you have the patience waiting for a new post about that? :)

Sì lo so, è ancora freddo per andare al mare... ma sabato c'era un sole stupendo e io sono stata proprio bene in spiaggia, a godermi il silenzio e le mie amiche, a rilassarmi nella brezzolina...

mercoledì 18 maggio 2011

Stripes all season long

This year I've got a lust for stripes. I already bought a miniskirt (see it here) and a tshirt (see it here) but already owned two sweaters (take a look here) and a dress (check it here). I can't stop !!! :(
Here they are my new sneakers purchased on for a trifle... Do you like them? Tomorrow I will show how I paired them to go to beach...
Prada spring/summer 2011 collection influenced very much this season's trends and fashion. But this designer wasn't the one on catwalks to propose overlapped and multicolored crazy mixed stripes.
Here it is a selection of pics from catwalks to take inspiration from.
There are four rules to match stripes this season: full color, all over, crazy mix.
Have fun!

Quest'anno ho una voglia irresistibile di righe. Ho già comprato una minigonna (guardala qui) e una tshirt (guardala qui) e già possedevo due maglioncini (guardane uno qui) e un abitino (questo qui). Non riesco a fermarmi!!! :(

martedì 17 maggio 2011

La petite robe noire

You can't really understand how much is useful and important until you own that: the little black dress is an extremely versatile and confortable garment, perfect for any occasion and with any accessory. You can wear it from morning to evening without being neither too much nor inappropriate nor understated. Do you already own one?
So here it is, Sunday evening I matched it this way. Having been at sea, I needed something let my body free enough; unfortunately the weather turned bad: the wind started pulling and it was also cold... In short, a dip in the middle of the autumn, again! :(
Despite of this, I wasn't discouraged and... go ahead with bare legs! I'm lucky because I don't suffer cold at legs: I cover on the top... So, what to do, exhuming a coat???
For goodness sake, not at all. I solved this way: a long sleeve sweatshirt worn sideways, in my favourite pink, and a woolen vintage shawl in the same colour, with long fringes... To sofisticate that, I completed the look with a quilted purse and a jewelry set of pearls....
In short, Chanel was right a century ago: the little black dress is one of those timeless garments every woman must have in their own closet...
How do you match it?

Non si può capire quanto davvero è utile e fondamentale finchè non se ne si possiede uno: il tubino nero, o little black dress o petite robe noire che dir si voglia, è un capo estremamente versatile e comodo, adatto ad ogni occasione e con qualsiasi accessorio. Si porta tranquillamente dal giorno alla sera senza essere mai nè eccessive nè fuori luogo nè sottotono. Voi ne avete già uno?

lunedì 16 maggio 2011


Hi guys, I'm really sorry to have been absent these days... Unfortunately life's events sometimes take over.
Now I'm back, and here I am. New pics and outfits starting tomorrow.
I love you and your love, my cherished followers, gave me so much strenght.
I want to say a big THANK YOU!!! to everyone supported me in the past days and encouraged to continue my work!!!
I promise you tomorrow I'll start again with more energy than ever!
Meanwhile, I joined the Pupa contest : if you want to support me, please click on the link below. Thank you!!!

Ciao ragazzi, mi spiace veramente tanto di essere statacosì assente in questi giorni... Sfortunatamente gli eventi della vita alle volte prendono il sopravvento.
Ora sono tornata, ed eccomi qui. Nuove foto e si ricomincia con gli outfit a partire da domani.
Vi voglio bene e il vostro affetto, mie affezionatissime, mi ha dato veramente molta forza.
Voglio dire un gigantesco GRAZIE!!! a tutte le persone che nei giorni passati mi hanno sostenuto e mi hanno spronato a continuare!
Vi prometto che domani ricomincerò con più energia di prima!
Nel frattempo, mi sono iscritta al contest di Pupa: se volete darmi il vostro supporto, cliccate sul link qui sotto. Grazie!!!!!!!!

mercoledì 11 maggio 2011

Random pics from White Night

Do you remember the White Night pics I posted a few days ago? Well, that was the outfit I chose for the afternoon, then I changed my apparel to feel more confortable. I haven't got pics of the entire outfit, but I'd like to show you a few details my friend took with his camera.
What do you think about green+beige+orange?

Vi ricordate delle foto della Notte Bianca che ho postato qualche giorno fa? Be', quello era l'outfit che avevo scelto per il pomeriggio, poi mi sono cambiata e ho scelto qualcosa di più comodo.

lunedì 9 maggio 2011

Beige & blue

A Saturday afternoon very pleasant spent with a few friends walking in Prato...
After two hours my shoes started to hurt... ouch!
What do you think about my outfit?

Un sabato pomeriggio molto piacevole passato con pochi amici a passeggiare per Prato...

domenica 8 maggio 2011

Hair routine

Curly and frizzy hair shampoo by ELVIVE by L'OREAL. 
Shampoo specifico per capelli ricci e crespi, ELVIVE by L'OREAL.

A few days ago someone asked me infos about my hair routine... I don't know how many of you can be interested with, but however... here it is! :)
At first, I have to say- and I hope no one will be shocked by this - I wash my hair once a week in winter and twice or more times during spring and summer: frequent washings aren't so good to my hair, which are too dry naturally, so I do it when they're dirty, and in summer (because of sweat) and in spring (because of pollens, which I'm allergic to) it happens more often. I'm lucky because they've got an excellent grip, so when they're washed and dried, no need to do more until the next wash!
Secondly, I comb the hair ONLY when wet, ONLY with a wooden wide-tooth comb and ONLY when mask is on for! Otherwise, the frizz takes over...
Third: hair diffuser is a must, because hair phon without any filters, electrifies it.
I oftend change shampoos, to vary nourishment to hair... I can use either Pantene or L'Oreal or Garnier... provided they're specific for frizzy and curly hair.

Qualche giorno fa qualcuno di voi mi ha chiesto informazioni sulla mia hair routine... Non so a quante di voi potrà essere utile, ma ad ogni modo... ecco qua! :)

sabato 7 maggio 2011

A few pics from my birthday

A very pleasant night spent with a few special friends in Florence... I missed my love Gab but he gifted 30 seconds of his voice via phone... :)
Despite of all unpleasant events, during last year I had possibility to re-build my happiness and meet such wonderful people like them. I feel so good now 'cause I'm surrounded by a lot of love! This is the most important thing to me.
Short note about my outfit: I chose sequins because of the joyfulness of the event, although it was very hot in the room and I immediately put away bolero. The clutch is a vintage piece very precious to me, 'cause it comes directly from my grandma's closet and I treasure it. About this, I have to show you another one, even more beautiful. I hope I will have the opportunity to show it off soon!
The rest of  apparel isn't very visible, but however I wore a simple pair of dark washed jeans and gold sandals, bought years ago at Zara, in keeping with the purse.
Sorry for short post and low quality pics, I promise you'll enjoy my usual posts soon!

Una serata molto piacevole passata a Firenze in compagnia di pochi amici speciali... Mi è mancato Gab ma perlomeno mi ha regalato 30 secondi della sua voce via telefono.. :)
Nonostante tutti gli eventi spiacevoli, nel corso dell'ultimo anno ho avuto la possibilità di mettere le fondamenta della mia felicità e incontrare persone tanto meravigliose come loro e ora sono circondata da tanto affetto! Questa è la cosa più importante per me.
Piccola nota sul mio outfit della serata: ho scelto le paillettes per la festosità dell'evento, anche se in realtà faceva molto caldo nel locale e il bolero l'ho messo da parte immediatamente. La clutch è un pezzo vintage molto prezioso per me, perchè viene direttamente dal'armadio di mia nonna e la custodisco gelosamente. A proposito di questo, ne ho anche un'altra da mostrarvi, ancora più bella. Spero di avere l'occasione di sfoggiarla molto presto!
Il resto dell'abbigliamento non è molto visibile, ma a onor di cronaca, indossavo un semplice paio di jeans dal lavaggio scuro e dei sandali oro, comprati anni fa da Zara, in tono con la borsetta.
Scusate il post breve e la bassa qualità delle foto, vi prometto che i post a cui siete abituati torneranno presto!

bolero di paillettes / sequined bolero KORALLINE
canotta / tank top H&M
jeans REPLAY
clutch VINTAGE (from my grandma's closet)
collana orologio / clock necklace FATTA DA ME / MADE BY ME
collana con foglia / leaf necklace ACCESSORIZE
 bracciale / bracelet VINTAGE

venerdì 6 maggio 2011

Happy birthday...... to me!!!

....Now I'm 28 years old!!!!!
This evening, a little party with a few friend in Florence, waiting Gab back for a bigger party with much more friends at home!

Ora ho 28 anni!!!
Stasera, una piccola festa con alcuni amici a Firenze, poi aspetterò Gab per la festa più bella e con più gente a casa mia!

giovedì 5 maggio 2011

How to wear the lemon print top

When I saw Stella McCartney's catwalk at first I thought it was uncommercial because of its prints of lemons and oranges (you can see the complete catwalk here): I thought it was too extravagant to be worn everyday.
But now summer is arriving and I ever more need bright colours and funny prints!
I'm in love with orange this period and the same is with lemon yellow. So, this is another still-life outfit with this colour!
This fantastic clutch is available on Dorothy at cost of 25 $ only!
I already proposed matching bright colours with naturals, I think it's a really cool combination, so here it is another one more! I own a similar beige eco-leather jacket (see it here) and I think it won't be difficult finding one at Zara. However, this one is by Burberry Prorsum.
You can use heels if you don't like wedges like these, which are by Michael Antonio and their cost is $100, but you have to choose a pair of pumps.
Minimal jewelry: use a unique necklace or a bracelet: this outfit is for daytime!

Quando ho visto per la prima volta la sfilata di Stella McCartney ho pensato che era troppo poco commerciale, con quelle stampe di limoni e arance dappertutto (puoi vedere la sfilata qui): ho pensato che fosse troppo stravagante per essere usata da noi comuni mortali.
Ma adesso che l'estate sta arrivando e io ho bisogno sempre più di colori accesi e stampe divertenti, mi sono ricreduta!
In questo periodo vado pazza per l'arancio e così anche per il giallo , perciò eccovi un altro outfit con questo colore!
Questa clutch favolosa è disponibile sul sito di Dorothy Perkins al costo di soli 25 $!
Ho già proposto di mixare i colori neon e quelli brillanti  con i toni naturali come beige e sabbia, ed è perchè penso che sia un mix veramente cool. Perciò, eccovene un altro! :)
Ho una giacca di ecopelle come questa, presa da Zara l'anno scorso (la puoi vedere qui) e penso che se ne volete una non c'è bisogno di prendere questa di Burberry Prorsum: dovreste trovarla nelle catene low-cost.
Potete usare i tacchi se non vi piacciono le zeppe (queste sono di Michael Antonio Studio e le trovate qui a $100), ma in quel caso scegliete delle semplici decolletée.
Siate parche di altri accessori: puntate su una singola collana o un bracciale: è un outfit per il giorno!

mercoledì 4 maggio 2011

Urban chic

We're the new metropolitan people: we need something confortable but not shabby; everyday we go to work, or school, we front business meetings and then we go grocery shopping, get a drink with friends, we like to be trendy and cannot squander the money, we move all the day in cars, trains, buses, tubes and we always have to be presentable, 'cause our own apparel is our first business card which could open us many doors or close them....
We need colour, 'cause we're tired or stressed, and dress up colors is a good theraphy. We need feeling confortable as much as feminine.
Well, I try everyday to give an answer to all my needs (I think they're yours as well).
The clutch, I know, isn't the ideal bag for our daily journey, but we can bring one into our big shoulder bag :)
This is the outfit photographed by the staff of "TuStyle" magazine, you saw it yesterday, and here they are all the details you asked me.
Join it!

Siamo le moderne abitanti delle città: abbiamo bisogno di qualcosa di confortevole senza scadere nel trasandato; ogni giorno andiamo al lavoro, a scuola, affrontiamo incontri di lavoro e poi andiamo a fare la spesa, a prendere un aperitivo con gli amici, ci piace essere trendy e non possiamo spendere una cifra, ci spostiamo tutto il giorno in auto, in treno, in bus, in metropolitana e dobbiamo sempre essere presentabili, perchè il nostro abbigliamento è il nostro primo biglietto da visita che può aprirci meravigliose porte e o chiudercele in faccia...

martedì 3 maggio 2011

Photographed by "TuStyle In the City"

(ph.: courtesy of TuStyle magazine)

As I promised you, these are some pics from my little shooting in Florence with "TuStyle" magazine (see their Facebook page here), who decided to take pics from the street during the "TuStyle in the city" event. And I'm very honoured to have been photographed by them!!! :)
Do you like my outfit? If you want, you can appreciate it directly on their page, HERE.
See you tomorrow with the rest of the outfit pics!

Come vi avevo promesso, eccovi qualche foto del mio piccolo shooting fotografico a Firenze con la rivista  "TuStyle" (trovate la loro pagina Facebook qui), che ha deciso di fotografare i look direttamente dalla strada con l'evento itinerante "TuStyle in the city". E io sono molto onorata di essere stata fotografata da loro!! :)

lunedì 2 maggio 2011

In the garden

The garden of Gab's parents is incredibly beautiful and rich of flowers and colours and I couldn't resist: I had to take my outfit pics there before he left!
Always with me, my new Tuscany Leather Mary bag and this time I combined that with a trench, a pair of optical flats and a detail I'm proud of: this shantung scarf I bought in Paris at a vintage shop ( cost: 2 euros!!!!!). I wore it as an headband, tiying a bow on a side.
The ideal look was with a red lipstick, but I used this outfit to go working and a nude lipstick was better.
I enjoyed my White Night in Florence with my friends and we went to bed at 5 o'clock! (Oh my God, I'm not enough young anymore for this kind of things..!!) :)
The apartment where we stayed and slept was stunning, very luxurious!!! I couldn't believe to my eyes (you can find the pics in the last post).
And so, my sweeties, how did you spent this weekend? Are you relaxed? Or are you tired because of your wonderful nights? ;)
I would like to tell you I'm taking part in a virtual casting for the next Jean Louis David campaign. If you want to vote for me, click "I like it" in THIS LINK. Thanks everyone who will vote for me! :)

Il giardino dei genitori di Gab è incredibilmente bello e ricco di fiori e colori e non ho potuto resistere: dovevo fare le foto dell'outfit del giorno lì!

domenica 1 maggio 2011

See where I am!!!

I spent my night (or my morning, I might say, 'cause we went to bed at 5 o clock!) in this wonderful room! Isn't so faboulous??? I'd like living here forever....
Little preview of my outfit for the afternoon in Florence with my friends. About my makeup: I chose natural basys, with eyeshadow and blush in light pink shades, then I dared a bright red for nails and lips. do you like the result?
I'm very honoured to have been photographed by the staff of "TuStyle" magazine... soon the pics of my mini shooting! ;)

Ho passato la notte (o la mattina dovrei dire, visto che siamo andati a letto alle 5...) in questa camera meravigliosa!!! Non è favolosa??? Vorrei vivere qui per sempre...
Piccola anteprima del mio outfit scelto per il pomeriggo in centro a Firenze con gli amici. Per il mio makeup ho scelto basi molto naturali e delicate, giocate sui toni del rosa chiaro per blush e ombretto, e osando un rosso acceso per unghie e labbra. Vi piace il risultato?
Sono stata molto onorata di essere stata fotografata dallo staff di "TuStyle"... presto le foto del mio minuscolo shooting! ;)


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