sabato 26 febbraio 2011

New young evening - how to use a simply white tshirt in the evening

New evening
New evening by Sara Gambarelli featuring gold jewelry

Today I was thinking about a new outfit I would like to create on me, based on a simply white tshirt(this one is sequined), relooked whith a cascade of afke golden jewellery: a lot of golden rings, bangles and a unique necklace composed by a simply chain and a pendant in shape of a lion. Then, match all with a long red evening skirt and a pair of golden sandals: heels or flats.
I like very much this result. And you?
I'm going to search a long skirt like this one to wear this outfit. Can you help me? Where can I find it?

Oggi pensavo a un nuovo outfit che mi piacerebbe ricreare su di me, basato su una semplice tshirt bianca (questa che vedete è paillettata), ripensata con una cascata di finti gioielli dorati: una montagna di anelli, bracciali rigidi e una sola collana dorata con una catena grossa e un pendente a forma di leone. Poi, abbinare il tutto a una lunga gonna da sera rossa e a un paio di sandali oro: coi tacchi o senza.
Mi piace parecchio il risultato, e a voi?
Sto cercando una gonna lunga come questa per poter indossare questo outfit. Mi date una dritta? Dove posso trovarla?

2 commenti:

  1. This is such an amazing way to dress up a simple white tshirt! Pairing it with a long skirt is so elegant! I love your picks! I found a lot of long skirts on ASOS and Topshop! :-) xoxoxoo

  2. Thank you so much for your appreciation!!
    And thank you for your advice! We haven't got Topshop here in Florence, but I'll try to buy on e-shop!
    I hope when you'll back on my blog you'll find this skirt on me! ;)


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